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How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2024: Tips for Sellers

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2024: Tips for Sellers

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2024? It's never too early to start gearing up for one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Prime members purchased more than 375 million items worldwide during Prime Day 2023, resulting in 12 billion USD in sales worldwide. You do not want to miss this opportunity!

Whether you're a seasoned Amazon seller or just getting started, optimizing your strategy for Prime Day can lead to significant sales and growth opportunities. In this blog post, we'll share essential tips on how sellers can prepare for Prime Day 2024 and how G10 Fulfillment can assist you in maximizing your success.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event exclusively for Amazon Prime members, offering incredible discounts and deals across various product categories. While the official dates for Prime Day 2024 have not been announced, it typically occurs in mid-July. Last year, the event spanned two days in July, generating record-breaking sales.

Prime Day Preparation Tips for Professional Sellers

To grow your sales during Prime Day, it’s important to start preparing now. Here are our top 5 tips for Prime Day:

1. Offer Irresistible Deals.

Entice customers with special deals and discounts during Prime Day. Consider running Lightning Deals, offering Prime-exclusive discounts, or creating a coupon to capture the attention of bargain-hunting shoppers.

Attract new customers by offering a Lightning Deal, which boosts product visibility and creates excitement due to its limited-time availability on the Amazon Deals page.

Prime-exclusive discounts are another great way to attract new customers. Once created, they are featured on a seller’s product detail pages and in search results for Amazon Prime members. The discount is applied at checkout.

Coupons can be offered on specific products to entice customers to make the purchase. When creating coupons for Prime Day, Amazon recommends discounting the product by more than 5%, scheduling the dates to coincide with Prime Day, and setting the audience to Prime.

2. Order Inventory Early.

Ensure timely deliveries and maintain customer satisfaction by ordering inventory now to ensure you have sufficient stock for Prime Day. Collaborate with suppliers and check FBA capacity limits to avoid inventory shortages during the event.

3. Optimize Your Listings.

Audit and optimize your product listings to maximize visibility and conversions. Ensure your titles, bullet points, images, and descriptions are compelling and up-to-date. Use a tool such as Google Keyword Planner to identify high-performing keywords related to your product category. Other tips:

  1. Stick to five bullet points and ensure the first letter of every bullet point is capitalized.
  2. Make sure to list the most important feature of your product in the first two bullet points followed by the less important ones.
  3. Include a call-to-action such as “buy now” in your bullet points.

4. Boost Marketing Efforts.

    Ramp up your marketing strategy to drive traffic and increase brand visibility. Utilize PPC campaigns, off-Amazon ads, and social media to promote your Prime Day deals.

    5. Adjust Your Advertising Budget.

    Prepare for increased traffic and competition by adjusting your advertising budget for Prime Day. In order to maintain visibility and capture valuable clicks, set your bids to the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click. You can lower your bids again once Prime Day is over.

    How G10 Fulfillment Can Help

    At G10 Fulfillment, we understand the importance of seamless logistics during high-demand events like Prime Day. We can support your Prime Day preparations through:

    • Fast and Efficient Fulfillment
    • Inventory Management
    • Custom Solutions

    In addition to our agreed-upon services, our G10 Marketplace team offers a plethora of Value-Added Services to you at an additional cost. We take pride in the knowledge and experience that our Marketplace team has to offer.

    • Seller Central Account: account creation and optimization
    • New Item Setup (NIS): submit the form, troubleshoot any issues, validate detail pages
    • Amazon Brand Store: reviews and recommendations, complete store design and build-outs
    • Detail Page Content: Initial review of content, metrics reports, recommended updates, Content Review Guide, up to five ASINs updated per week
    • A+ Page Content: A+ Content page design and set up, A+ Content Guide to assist with creating enhanced pages, submit up to 1 A+ page per week
    • Analytics & Reporting: Detailed reporting sent to your inbox weekly, glance views of metrics, visualized trends
    • Amazon Marketing Services: Initial campaign setup of up to 10 campaigns, one-hour weekly campaign optimization, one 30-minute monthly marketing review, marketing reports, consultations for marketing campaign reviews, and strategy
    • Customer Review Management: Respond to customer messages and questions within 24 business hours, respond to customer feedback and reviews within 24 business hours
    • Amazon Promotions: setup, monitoring, and optimizing
    • And more!

    Checklist for Prime Day Preparation:

    ✔️ Set up Prime Day deals and discounts

    ✔️ Confirm inventory availability and order stock

    ✔️ Optimize product listings for maximum visibility

    ✔️ Plan and execute marketing campaigns

    ✔️ Adjust advertising budget for increased traffic

    Prepare, Promote, and Prosper this Prime Day with G10 Fulfillment!

    Are you ready to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2024? Contact us today to learn how G10 Fulfillment can streamline your fulfillment operations and support your Prime Day success.

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